On 2001 the council for higher education had approved and supported the establishment of "Haredi College- Jerusalem"- orthodox academic center for students from the ultra-orthodox in Israel, which was established by Rebbetzin  Adina Bar Shalom.

Today, the college constitutes an ultra-orthodox academic campus, the first of its kind that provides a completed and uncompromising framework for higher education, beside a warm home for the unique needs of religious and ultra-orthodox students, religiously, financially and personally.

This framework enables them to become integrated in workplaces of a high standard, while they keep their lifestyles, tailored to Jewish law and orthodox worldview.

Intensive and veteran acquaintance with orthodox community led the college to a conclusion,  that the key to the success of students in acquiring knowledge is by providing personal attention and individual response for each student.

In the college we try to provide high-quality, comprehensive support to all students, by creating academic and administrative solutions, tailored to the needs of the population in general and students in particular, without harming the  high standards and academic requirements.

According the data of 2012- there are 1,200 male and female students in Haredi College, from all of kinds of the religious communities and all over Israel. The students study in fourteenth academic courses of study undergraduate and graduate degrees, added to more than 550 graduates, most of them work in integrated, quality places in their field of study.

As a funded and controlled group by the Planning and Budgeting commission of the Israeli Council for Higher Education Haredi College achieves a great trust from government and involved academic factors.

At the same time the college has been blessed, by Torah Sages and ultra-Orthodox community's leaders, led by the first Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who knew the college's ability to combine high-level academic studies and meticulous Orthodox lifestyle.

The college had raised the banner of a commitment to support high academic standards and uncompromising levels that will enable students to integrate successfully and evenly in Israeli society and economy.

  • ·          Innovative and modern learning environment

·         Computer labs and advanced practice rooms

·         Filtered Internet service

·         Access to electronic databases and media

As usual in first academic institutions.

The vision of Haredi College is to continue and promote the ideal of ultra-Orthodox education and their integration in the labor market and society, while developing independent learning classes, which will enable the design of ultra-Orthodox society as a creative, effective and integrated community, both socially and financially.